The Annotated Book of Common Prayer, by John Henry Blunt.  Dutton, 1895.

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Preface, Authorities, Chronological Table

Historical Introduction

Ritual Introduction

Title, etc.; Act of Uniformity

Preface to the Prayer Book

Tables and Rules; Calendar through April

            May through Minor Holidays

Morning and Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer, Athanasian Creed, Litany, Occasional Prayers

Collects Epistles and Gospels through Quinquagesima

            Lent through Easter Day

            Easter Week through Trinity 14

            Trinity 15 through All Saints


Holy Communion


Catechism, Confirmation

Marriage, Visitation of the Sick, Burial, Churching of Women, Commination

Psalter: Introduction through Psalm 34;

            3566;             6793;             94119

            Psalms 120 through Prayer at Sea

Ordinal Introduction, Deacons, Priests

Ordinal Bishops; Appendix, Index and Glossary