Liturgy and Worship

A Companion to the Prayer Books of the Anglican Communion

W. K. Lowther Clarke & C. Harris, editors

SPCK, 1954

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PART  I.  Historical

Introduction; Worship in General; Worship in the Old Testament; Synagogue Worship in the First Century;     1A


The Eucharist in East and West; The History of the Book of Common Prayer Down to 1662.     1B


PART  II.  The Prayer Book Services: Their Sources and Rationale

The Calendar; Fasting and Abstinence; The Choir Offices; The Lectionary;     2A


The Holy Communion Service; Collects, Epistles, and Gospels; Holy Baptism; The Catechism and Children’s Worship; Confirmation; Solemnization of Matrimony;     2B


Visitation of the Sick; The Communion of the Sick; The Burial of the Dead;    2C


The Ordinal.    2D


PART  III.  Supplementary Essays.

The Lesser Hours; The Coronation Service; The Consecration of Churches and Other Occasional Services; Anglican Adaptations of Some Latin Rites and Ceremonies; Modern Prayers and their Writers; Extempore Prayer; Liturgical Silence;     3A


Prayer Book Revision since 1662; Printers and Printed Editions of the Prayer Book; The Prayer Book as Literature; Prayer Book Translations; The Services of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Additional Notes                     3B

Index (omitted for web)