A New History of the Book of Common Prayer

with a rationale of its offices

Francis Procter, Walter Howard Frere

Macmillan, 1955 (from 1905)



Chapter  1: The Service-Books in the Pre-Reformation Times

Chapter  2: The Earlier Stages of Change              Ch01-02


Chapter  3: The First Prayer Book

Chapter  4: The Second Prayer Book                    Ch03-04


Chapter  5: The Elizabethan Prayer Book

Chapter  6: The Prayer Book from the Accession of

                        James I. to the Death of Charles I.        Ch05-06


Chapter  7: The Prayer Bok in the Reign of Charles II.

Chapter  8: The B.C.P. Since the Last Revision             Ch07-08




Chapter  9: Introductory Matter, Title, Prefaces, and Kalendar

Chapter  10: Morning and Evening Prayer                    Ch09-10


Chapter  11: The Litany and the Occasional Prayers and Thanksgivings

Chapter  12: The Administration of the Lordís Supper or Holy Communion        Ch11-12


Chapter  13: The Collects, Epistles, Gospels, and Proper Lessons

Chapter  14: The Baptismal Services, with Catechism and Confirmation            Ch13-14


Chapter  15: The Occasional Services

Chapter  16: The Ordinal

Chapter  17:  Epilogue                Ch15-Index